Alfalfa County, Oklahoma

Alfalfa County Courthouse
County Seat: Cherokee
Established:  1907

Alfalfa County was formed at statehood in 1907 out of Woods county and named after William H. “Alfalfa Bill” Murray, the president of the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention and ninth governor of Oklahoma.

The courthouse, located in Cherokee, was designed by  Otto Hofman Tonini (1873-1971), who was born in Kentucky of German immigrant parents, and of Robert (Lorn) Bramblet.  The firm’s office was in the Terminal Building in Oklahoma City.

The county has a number of locations within that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Alfalfa County Courthouse, Cherokee
  • Aline IOOF Lodge No. 263, Aline
  • Carmen IOOF Home, Carmen
  • Carmen IOOF Lodge No. 84, Carmen
  • Cherokee Armory, Cherokee
  • Cherokee Friends Church, Cherokee
  • Cherokee IOOF Lodge No. 219, Cherokee
  • Farmers’ Exchange Elevator, Goltry
  • Farmers’ Federation Elevator, Cherokee
  • Hotel Cherokee, Cherokee
  • Ingersoll Tile Elevator, Ingersoll
  • Sod House, Cleo Springs

Places of Interest in Alfalfa County.

Great Salt Plains State Park
Alfalfa County
Visited February 4, 2018

Great Salt Plains
Selenite Digging Area

Alfalfa County
Visited April 4, 2018

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