Alaska Borough Courthouses

Yellow counties are those counties we have taken images of county courthouses.

Blue counties are those we have only driven through, no courthouse collected.

Orange county is the state’s capitol we have collected.

Alaska Borough Courthouses

We have visited 0 of the 20 Borough Courthouses in Alaska.

You can click on each image, which was taken by Ren and Scott, and it will take you to John Deacon’s website American Courthouses.  This website will show you the courthouses in much better detail both inside and out.  I am sure you will enjoy his website as much as we do, please take a few moments and appreciate all of his dedicated work.

Are you curious about why Alaska does not have counties, but courthouses?  Visit Anchorage’s Daily News‘ article:  “Curious Alaska:  Why do we have boroughs instead of counties?” written by Morgan Krakow. 

If you click the “Historical Postcards” button, it will take you to the website Courthouse History by Keith Vincent.  Here you will find images of old postcards of the current or past courthouses for the corresponding county.  Please take a few moments and visit the site to enjoy a little bit of history.

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All images on this page has been taken by Scott and Ren, unless otherwise cited.