We recently were told by our friend Heidi Brands about an Irish pub, The Black Raven, in Choctaw, Oklahoma, of all places.  It intrigued me to think of an Irish pub in an out of the way place but never did I think Scott and I would take a sudden drive to a place we had no clue if it would be worth our time and attention.

I received a message from Scott about 2:00pm showing me there would be live music of the Irish persuasion and he really wanted to go.  Knowing how much he loves music, especially of the Celtic type, I agreed.  It was going to be a fast drive but we found it to be worth it.

We walked into the sound of a cheerful reel, the smell of  Corned Beef & Cabbage, and visions of a well stocked bar.  There were only two seats available and smiles everywhere we looked.  It was standing room only for us.

One of the things we enjoyed so much in Texas was the access we had to Celtic music.  It is huge in the Dallas-Fort Worth area at places like the Trinity Irish Pub in Dallas, The Celt in McKinney, and The North Texas Irish Festival in March at the Fair Park in Dallas.  When we arrived in Tulsa, where Celtic music was huge at one time, we were saddened to find it was nowhere to be found, even though Kilkenny’s is strongly attended, only Irish food and pre-recorded music; there is NO live Irish music.  We were stunned and were missing the live music scene for our desired genre.  Needless to say, we have been very sad.

Fortunately, we found this place and really enjoyed the group playing this evening.  The Flowers of Edinburgh are Laura, Rachel (fiddle) and Malia Bennett (guitar and piano), Dave Cooper (bodhran and harmonica) and Phil Reid (fiddle and mandolin) who play traditional Scottish, Irish and original jigs, reels and requests.  They seemed to feel at home on stage and encouraged the audience to join in with many songs.  I was extremely thrilled when they played Wild Rover, only one of my favorite songs.

So while we sat dining on our amazing plates of corned beef and cabbage and enjoying a couple of Irish Coffees, we were able to hear live music we missed. I find myself regretting that I didn’t take a photo of the meal; trust me, it was fantastic. It was such a wonderful way to spend a Friday evening.  Our thanks go to Brian and Wendy, former owners of the restaurant, Scott the new manager, and Kara the bartender.  It was one of the best music times we have had in a while.