Unfortunately, the time has flown by since my last post.  We have been so busy with preparing for our move I haven’t had time to blog about any of our adventures.  However, we have had adventures, but I fear they are not exciting enough for a blog post.  But I have been told by a few they are interested.  Because of this, I am posting a short entry to get you up-to-date.

We are in the middle of a move; a long, drawn-out move.  The house we live in right now is owned by a friend and it is rather large for just the two of us.  About six months ago Scott and I decided it was time to take the plunge and move into something much smaller.  We began looking into apartments that were smaller than 600 square feet and eventually found one that is 547 sq ft.  This move will cut our rent in half so we can save some money, force us to purge everything that is not necessary, and give us an opportunity to see if we can live in each other’s laps.

Between the working world, planning, and life this move has caused us to start a chain reaction.  We let our friend who owns the house now and she decided to sell the house.  This caused her to find a realtor who let her know the best time to sell a house in our area was in the months of March and April.  This made us have to move our plans up by a month.  We found an apartment and the pricing we want has our move in late March.  Yes, this made us need to move almost two months earlier.  Scott and I are not upset by this, we just were not prepared like we should have been.

Because of this change in schedule, we have been sorting, packing, selling, and doing what we can to get ready to have the house in show-ready condition.  We are so failing, it feels like.  Fortunately, we have had one awesome garage sale and been lucky to sell lots of other things.  Last day of this month we will have one more garage sale and then give everything leftover to a donation.  It will not go back into the house – at all.

Fortunately, there have been moments when we have been able to do something fun.  Below is a collage with a few photos of what we have been doing.  I celebrated my 48th birthday quietly with a special birthday cake made especially for me by I Heart Muffins.  I told her to surprise me with the flavors and decoration.  The only rules she had was it was to be “tie-dye and yellow.”  WOW!  It was fantastic!!!!  I adore her and her talent.

We attended a concert at the Live Oak in Fort Worth on Valentine’s Day.  It was the concert of Matt the Electrician; one of our favorite musicians. We discovered him at a place called Poor David’s Pub a few years ago and he has never disappointed.  I think my favorite song of his is Ghost Story.  He had a really interesting opening group play for him.  They were three young ladies called the Dana Falconberry Trio. You can hear her song Lake Charlevoix here. I plan on doing another post on Dana at another because she embroiders!  This was one of the gems I love finding out and telling you about.  They were awesome; if you ever have a chance to see either of them, go!

As for State Parks this month, we have only visited one.  The Cleburne State Park is a small one, but very much worth your time.  I love the limestone bluffs and the trails.  I can’t wait to share more about the quick trip and to visit again and again and again…..

As for embroidery, I have been working hard on the White Girl needlepoint piece and took a bit of time to do a special piece for Scott.  I am finishing up the Blue Bunting by Brenda Gervais to put into Scott’s pocket watch.  I think it is a very interesting Valentine’s gift.  I try to do something small for him every Valentine’s Day; I think this as small as a quarter piece fits that title.


I just wanted to let you know we hadn’t quit, we have just been focusing on getting moved.  Glad you stuck around.