Well, Scott and I are in the 547 sq ft apartment and I think it will work out nicely.  Because of a few things we decided to change furniture wise, we are not crowded at all.  We have a new set of captain beds with dressers underneath, a Poang chair and stool, no dining table & chairs, and traded giant small-kitchen appliances for smaller ones. The beds I think are the best change.  Because the “dressers” are under the sleeping area and there is additional storage underneath as well, the bedroom area isn’t as cramped as it would have been with the two dressers we had.  Well, once we get some things unpacked.

The “unpacking”.  That should be a title of a horror flick for sure.  I can’t find anything and when I do, I have no idea where I am going to put it.  I hadn’t realized just how much kitchen stuff I had taken with us; this does include food.  The month before we moved we pretty much ate out of our freezer and pantry, but it just wasn’t enough.  I have searched the pantry and taken out anything there is a duplicate, we don’t eat, or will never eat and made sure it is unopened.  I will be delivering two trash bags worth of food to one of the food pantries in the DFW area.  There is, however, still not enough space.

The small appliances we brought are huge in this small room of food preparation.  I had sold my large food processor for a much smaller one, passed one of the two large crock pots to someone else, sold the large blender and mixer.  We did keep the slow pressure cooker and Foreman Grill, but I foresee those going away when we move into an RV.  They do make smaller Foreman Grills, right?

Since there is no shelf space, we have kept one of the bookshelves from the house.  It fits rather well in the walk space leading to the kitchen giving the trash can a very nice space to sit without being in the way.  The cabinets are rather strange actually.  You have your underneath cabinets with a half shelf  towards the back.  These work rather well for the dog food container, large pot and the pressure cooker, but it makes it difficult to get to anything else we want to store in there.  Then you have this:

The upper cabinets above the sink are tiny and very high on the wall.  There are two cabinets on either side, one other tiny set of shelves and a decent sized set of shelves.  Unfortunately there is this empty space above the sink.  I have been in apartments with this type of design but they were not as HUGE as this one.  I know something huge in this apartment is rather humorous.  We actually decided to shop Ikea again in a month or so and get some type of wall storage where we can store our few dishes and flatware.  Something like this:

I think we will also find an interesting way to store our spices so we can put them above the above rack system.  We have discussed the magnetic one and a plain old-fashioned rack, but just haven’t figured it out yet.  Any thoughts?  Ideas?

While we are unpacking, we are realizing we had not purged enough. I can’t believe how much stuff we still have.  We have to leave everything in the storage unit until we get everything in the apartment put away, but there is just not going to be enough room for it all.  I am, to say the least, really shocked.  I honestly thought we had purged enough; more than enough actually.  I think I was living in Wonderland.  So, we are purging again.  This time it’s gonna really hurt.

Time to go work on the apartment.