Finding My Footing (11)

Seven days ago I decided to give vlogging on YouTube a try.  I have found something rather interesting; this form of journaling is amazing and extremely hard work.  When I started out I thought there would be no end to ideas and I would be able to churn them out day after day without any difficulty.  This is far from the truth.

I find myself spending hours thinking about what I am going to be discussing the next day only to find myself at a loss for words the next day when it is time to start filming.  Once I begin filming and talking I am having to work very hard staying on subject; I’m such a bunny trail kinda gal.  Once I am finished with the filming, I have to take the video and process it.  This is the time I decide what stays and what is deleted into the void.  I then add the extra photos and videos to the mix to help get my point across and then decide how to get everything to blend smoothly.  Now it is time for the music and making sure all plays out nicely; and FINALLY upload to YouTube.

I wait patiently for it to process by working on a thumbnail to creatively entice you to click it and watch that day’s vlog posting.  I also have to put in a good description of the video, hashtags, and tags so the search engines can locate it as you search them.  After it has posted, I find myself working on many other video projects as well as websites, and embroidery.  As I lay in bed trying to sleep, I am back at the beginning of the Vlogging Adventure and I am loving every minute of it.

Finding My Footing (1)This is the first time I have ever vlogged before so I am pretty much all talk.  However, if you want to know where I am coming from and why I am doing what I am doing, this is the post for you.  I explain about my fall and breaking my ankle/leg and all that fun background stuff.

The video quality is good except for the shaking.  Unfortunately there really isn’t anything that can be done about it because the shaking was the chair I was sitting in.  Every time I said anything with zest and zeal, the chair bounced.  Oh, dear me!  What an adventure.

Finding My Footing (2)I was able to get out of the house on my own and sit comfortably at the pool.  Unfortunately with the cast I was only able to sit.  I was able to do a nice video with a relaxed atmosphere without the bouncing of my chair.

I spoke about our adventure in preparing to move into an RV someday and how we arrived where we are now in a 547 sq ft apartment traveling all over the state of Texas.  It was fun because I was able to talk about the downsizing and add photos.    The artwork I made for the thumbnail was REALLY fun.

Finding My Footing (3)

When we got up Sunday morning I had visions of making a video full of driving, shopping, and restaurant action, but sadly, it was not the cinematic footage I hoped for, but it is kinda there.  By the time we were home I was exhausted and hurting.  However, there ended up being an excellent subject to vlog about.

The day was pretty much me going to get my hair washed and cut, lunch at a nice restaurant, a camera shop then home because my foot was swelling horribly.  It is another sitting and talking post, but plenty of photos and video.

Finding My Footing (4)

Getting up and heading out for breakfast was all we planned to do this Sunday.  There was so much more to be done than we expected.  It always shocks me when we don’t make plans but end up being extremely busy with spur of the moment plans.

We made a purchase to help us downsize more and the whole bit of activity was perfect for a time lapse vlog entry! How fun is that!  Plus I learned so much by the things I did wrong.  Isn’t that what it’s about?

Finding My Footing (5)

Monday was a bit of a challenge because I had a big chore of sorting, purging and putting things away; and I still have to do my daily vlog post.  Well, I did what every smart vlogger does and put the two together and did another major time lapse video complete with captions, photos, and chatting.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how well this video came out considering it was mostly me working on my sorting project, which I promised Scott I would have finished by the time he came home.

Finding My Footing (7)

This was the day I decided to sit down on the floor and go through a laundry basket full of little things that needed to be gone through and sorted.  Granted I didn’t throw much away, but I was able to give away a few things and put a few more things off for another day and another major sort.

Yes, there is a lot of talking in this post, but it has some really great tips and tricks I use to get through everything that is piling up and causing the mess we call clutter.

Finding My Footing (8)

Finally we come to today.  This was truly a bugger for me because I was not feeling up to sitting in front of a camera talking about my life.  I just wanted to take some meds and go back to bed; however, I knew I was committed to this so I got up and started blogging, but I did it pre-coffee. I am thinking this was part of the “bunny trail post” it hopped into.

However, with the magic of a delete button, I was able to sort through all the rambling and make something halfway decent.

I am not sure how long I will do this, but I have committed 30 days to give it a good test.  Maybe by that time I will have a better feel for it all and decide it is a good thing to continue.  Check it out and give me your honest opinion or suggestions.  And remember, if you like the video, give it a thumbs up; and don’t forget to share and subscribe!

Hahaha…..  I’m so obsessed.