Scott and I were discussing everything we have been doing lately and we realized we had not been updating our blog with everything we have been doing.  Looking at the blog this morning, I was stunned to find our last post was October 24!  It always amazes me how time flies; especially when you are having fun and we have been having lots of fun.

October was a very busy month of us.  Scott had attended the O’Flarherty Music Retreat and not only worked on his guitar playing, but he was able to do a little bit of photography.  I was home working on embroidery for the four days he spent in Midlothian at Camp Hoblitzelle playing music.  It was such a quiet weekend for me and I was able to get pretty far on the Thistle Thread Shady Bowery project.

scottoct15 Collage

renoct15 Collage

When Scott came home he was extremely focused on music once again and played as often as he could.  I love to listen to him playing music, especially after he has been to O’Flarhety.  When we moved to the apartment there was a bit of concern for how we would deal with his practice.  Fortunately he is improving every day and it has actually become something I usually look for ward to.  Granted, there are days I need to find something else to do away from the house giving him time to practice and me a bit of piece and quiet.


The first week of Novemember I attended an EGA workshop through the Fort Worth EGA Chapter.  Tanja Berlin, from Berlin Embroidery in Canada, taught her Needle Painting with Thread course.  The group had four different projects to choose from and I decided to go with the Red Fox.  We all had so much fun, but it was a very focused class causing me not to be able to take photos.


As you know, I can’t keep my embroidery projects to just one thing so I have added a few more projects.  Haha.  I decided to began working on Christmas projects for 2016.  So now I am working on the Shady Bowery project, Red Fox needle painting, and the various Christmas projects to finish for 2015 and now afgahns for all the grands.  I am pretty excited about the afgahans.  So far I am only working on the mermaid tails for the Grand Sarina and Grand Aubrey, but they are turning out so cute.  I am using the pattern by Nadia Faud on her blog Yarnutopia.  I am hoping to be teaching this in the Hurst, Texas, area in February.


We went home to Oklahoma to visit family in November; it was a short but a good trip.  We decided to take a bit of a detour and drive through Sulpher, Oklahoma.  We had not been through there in a while and so the detour was a nice way to avoid all the end-of-the-weekend-traffic.  One of the “breaks” we took was stopping at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area just on the edge of Sulpher.  We had forgotten just how much we loved this place.  It was once a sulpher spa people were drawn to for healing.  Unfortunately it was getting late and we were not able to spend any real time there.

Eventually we did go back and visit Chickasaw.  He came home from work a little early and I was ready to head out.  I wanted him to be able to get some good photos so we needed to be there before the sun went down.  Since this was the goal we needed to leave about noon because it is about two hours from the apartment.  We had such a great time. Scott was able to take some great photos and actually took some decent photos of me.  I usually hate having my photo taken, but these turned out great!


Sassy, huh?

Scott loves to take photos of water.  It seems to be something he loves to do; not sure why.  He was practicing to get the blur of the water.  He does this by lowering settings on the camera so the shutter stays open longer. I do not completely understand it, but he has gotten pretty good at it, but that is just my opinion.  There are a few other adventures we have taken recently taken, but I would like like that to be another post. So I will leave you with the photos he took from Chickasaw National Recreation Area.  Please enjoy and safe adventures to you.