This past weekend we went to Houston for Scott’s birthday.  We found ourselves visiting five state parks.  It was amazing!

Fort Boggy State Park
Huntsville State Park
Brazos Bend State Park
Stephen F. Austin Stat Park
Fort Parker State Park

We decided we want to visit Huntsville, Stephen F. Austin, and Fort Parker parks again to focus on the areas.  There is so much to see and do in each of those areas that one quick trip just isn’t enough.   I feel a bunch of history stuff happening soon!

We decided to stay with a good friend of ours, Malinda, in her new place, but it was going to be late before we could meet up with her so we settled in at a local Denny’s.  We had a late dinner and I was able to have plenty of time to stitch.

I feel in love with the project I found at the Silver Needle in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a few months ago.  Since it was on burlap, it was going to be a rather quick and simple project.  We decided I would stitch on the way home while Scott drove home.  It was so awesome!  I look forward to doing it again.

Today I am working on the galleries we posted last night to make sure everything is perfect.  As you go through them, keep in mind this is not a quick process and forgive me for the length of time it takes.  I love sharing our trips with all of you.  I do hope you enjoy it as well.