I took this photo in January of 2016 at the Roaring Camp Railroad near the Henry Cowell Redwood State Park in California. We were visiting our friend Barbra in San Jose and went to see the Redwoods. It rained most of the time that we were there, but we didn’t mind. The clouds, fog and rain gave the forest atmosphere, and there we no crowds. We like to travel during the off season, the weather may not be ideal, but we often have the place nearly to ourselves.

The Roaring Camp Railroad is a train ride to the top of the mountain through the Redwood Forest pulled by a 1880s era steam engine. This was my first time to see redwoods, and I was not disappointed. I think the rain added to the experience.

I love this photo of the steam from the train discharging into the fog, though I almost missed my ride back down the mountain to get the shot.