Well, it has been a very interesting March.  Yes, interesting indeed.

I was not able to make my First Quarter Embroidery goals.  However, I did get quite a bit done on the Squash Seed Cross Stitch.  As you can see, I have managed to complete the first portion. I will be starting the second part (the lower right corner) tomorrow morning while I am sitting down – no packing.

Another goal will be completed as of this Saturday; we will be making the move to the small apartment.  As you know we are moving from a 2,000 square foot house to a 547 square foot apartment to help us prepare for an RV in a year or two.  That is happening tomorrow, Saturday the 28.  I can’t actually believe it is finally here.  I can honestly say I am not completely ready but yet so very, very ready.

We had two garage sales and plenty of CraigsList get rid of’s during the month of March enabling us to purchase Scott a new laptop to replace the desktop enabling him to not move the giant corner desk.  The money we made also helped us get captain beds for each of us so we did not have to have dressers taking up what little space we were going to have.  This will help keep the bedroom less crowded for sure. Two beds?  Yes, I hear you asking why we got two beds instead of one. We both prefer to have different types of mattresses (I’m all about cushy and snuggling in while Scott wants a bed of boards) causing the purchase of just one mattress to be very difficult.  This system is working well for us.  We have our own set of drawers, additional storage space, and comfort for each of us.  It was the perfect solution for such a small space.

I was able to move my recliner to another home and get something a little more compact and more me.  We went to Ikea and purchased one the Pello chairs and footstools.  I am actually loving it.  With the recliner my back was hurting because of the way I prefer to sit and in order to get my feet elevated I had to recline backwards.  I prefer to sit up most of the time.  Not only is it more comfortable for me, but I am able to use my embroidery floor stand better.  It was rather awkward with the recliner, but with this new chair I am able to bring it right where I need it.  I figure once we get settled in I will take some fabric I purchased from Ikea a year ago and make some Ren-style covers for the cushions.

Because we are downsizing so drastically we are finding ourselves with only a few items of furniture to move and 80% less of household items (or junk) to move this time around.  I was stunned to see just how much we were able to get rid of.  Granted, there is so much more to go through, but we will be dealing with that over the month of April.  We just ran out of time.  Fortunately the items that did not sell at the garage sale or on CraigsList are going to be going to a donation group later this morning.  We have so much stuff they were more than willing to pick it up.  This helps so much.  Bye-bye Labyrinth Bag Lady!

As for the blow out, it probably isn’t what you are thinking.  Unfortunately while packing for this move, I picked up a box that was way too heavy and blew out my right knee.  I apparently have a horizontal oblique tear in the medial meniscus.  This is definitely not something we needed right now to happen and I won’t know about surgery until Monday.  I am not able to help with much of the move at all and that leaves everything up to Scott.  He has been such a trooper though picking up where I am having to stop.  Thankfully we have some pretty amazing friends who are willing to jump in and help us with the packing I have left and the moving on Saturday morning.

I am hoping to take some photos of the new place and our furniture set up once we get situated.  So, see you soon and live an adventure today.