Scott and I have been around the video world longer than you might think. We have a video channel on YouTube where we were once known as Stitch’n Travel, but so many things have changed since we have come to SteemIt and DLive, we wanted to give you a little insight of who we are and where we have been.

My very first blog post.
Scott and I started preparing me to visit Ireland to learn a specific embroidery style called Mountmellick, but due to health issues and some changes in our life situation, this never happened. However, we decided to continue using the channel and website address to show our friends and family what we were doing. Because we lived in Texas, away from our family, we felt it would be interesting for them to see the places were visiting; this was about the time we had started collecting Texas State Parks. Our very first set of videos was about the Paluxy and Brazos Rivers and the Mother’s Day Flood in 2015. It was a way to show our friends and family the weather conditions and that we were safe.

Pretty bad, huh? However, it was the start of something bigger. When we started, we would take photos and videos of the Texas State Parks we visited. We felt this was helping people see what there was available in the Texas State Park system. Looking back at the Texas State Park videos, I’m not very happy with them; however, Scott reminded me that I had just started to learn how to put videos together. This was a time when I had no concept of what I wanted because I had no idea how I wanted the videos to look. Eventually, we made some decent videos and I even ventured into speaking on camera and interviewing people. Our video about Bastrop State Park is one of my favorites for this reason. I got out of my comfort zone and tried something new; this created a really nice piece.

At one point we decided we wanted to include everyone on what our travels were like and the things we learned so we created Outside Our Box. Granted, these are mainly a discussion between the two of us, but often we are opening up to the viewer and hoping for a connection so they know they are not alone. We did two seasons and out of all of them, the one I most think you will enjoy is episode 7 from the very first season “Traveling Marriage.” There is a lot of information about us and what we did at that point. Granted, there are still things we apply to our marriage and our travels; plus it really shows off our personalities.

Eventually, we decided to give daily vlogging a try and it quickly ended, as well as the “clickbait” thumbnails. The daily vlogging only works if you have something to say that people actually care about. If you are not doing something fun or interesting, people will not be willing to spend time watching your videos. As for the thumbnails, I can only suggest you be careful who you’s advice you take.

Clickbait Thumbnails – Bad
About seven or eight months ago we found we found ourselves burned out of the video thing because we just didn’t feel people cared. We stepped away from it and focused completely on reworking the website and practicing being consistent with our blogging and social media. Eventually, we found SteemIt and all of you wonderful people. Watching the videos, getting to know some of the most supportive people I’ve met in a while, and feeling a need to create, we have started to do videos again. I am not sure where we are going with the videos yet, that will eventually reveal itself.

One last video I want to share with you and I hope it brings a smile to your face. I love bloopers and here are a few from our three years of filming. Enjoy and thank you all so very much for taking an interest in our travel life. Scott and I look forward to being involved with you and sharing our lives with you.

T hanks for watching.
Scott & Ren

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