Cross County Travelers

Scott and I are travelers who want to see the United States, but we want to see it one county at a time.

We find adventure as we drive off the pavement onto the gravel roads showing us the true character of each county we pass through.
Join us as we see what each county has to offer in the way of its places, its culture, and, most importantly, its people.
Come along and enjoy being cross county travelers with us.

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Where The Buffalo Roam

Video by Scott & Ren

The Joseph H. Williams Tallgrass Prairie Preserve is just north of Pawhuska, Oklahoma, in Osage County. It is here you will find the fully functioning tallgrass prairie on the land that use to be Barnard Ranch where actor Ben Johnson, Jr., was originally from. There is 2,500 head of bison roaming freely upon this 39,000-acre preserve. The Nature Conservancy manages this location to help protect the tallgrass prairie ecosystem. Getting up a few hours before the sunrise, Scott and I rushed to find the right spot so we could welcome the sun. Not sure what we would find to take pictures of, we passed over the cattle guard just in time. We were not able to any bison at that time, but the hopes were high.

There are 3,143 counties in the 50 United States.

Can we actually visit all the counties in the United States?
We are going to give it a really big try.

3,143 counties – 610 counties visited = 2533 counties to go!
Updated as of August 11, 2020