We have a new video up, the second in our Outside The Box series.

Our plan is to upload a new video roughly once a week, but you might have noticed that this one is a little late.   The first video went up with almost no editing and was very quick and easy.  With this video we wanted to include some photos and video that illustrated what we were talking about, that turned out to be a little tricker than we expected, and it took several days to work through the process.  One of the reasons that we started this series was that we wanted to become better at making and editing videos.  We hope that our videos will continue to improve as we learn new skills.

The Outside The Box series is intended to be relaxed and unscripted, just us sitting and talking informally about whatever topic we have chosen for this week.  Based on the first two, they will ramble a bit as we follow whatever digressions come up during our discussion.

We also plan to do videos that are scripted, researched, and more polished, but for now we are keeping it simple as we learn how to do this.

This week we are talking about getting out and experiencing nature when the weather is less than ideal.  When we started the Texas State Parks Project we decided that we did not want to limit ourselves to only getting out when the weather is nice.  We have too many things to see and do and not all that many weekends when the weather is just right,   There are times when we have looked at the weather and asked ourselves whether or not we really want to get out in this, and we have never once regretted it when we have decided to brave the weather and go.

Let us know what you think of the video, and if there is anything you would like us to talk about please leave a comment here or on YouTube.