Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!  We do hope you are all having an amazing Christmas season.  Unfortunately, it has been far too long since we posted a blog post, but we have had a rather strange month and time slipped past us so quickly that we were sure we saw the Thanksgiving Turkey and Santa having too much fun together.  Between busy work, illness, and computer problems I have not been able to get much in the way done in videos or blog posts; however, we are both well now and ready to get started on new and amazing things for our blog and YouTube channel.

When Thanksgiving came along we had to change all of our travel plans due to us having a cold that was never ending.  Since both of parents has extreme health issues we decided to not go to Tulsa.  It was a hard decision because we needed to see them, but they did not need this awful cold.  Then the computer exploded; well, not literally, but it sure felt like it.

For some reason, be it virus or just equipment failure, my hard drive was toast.  It had been acting up for a while, but always seemed to get better.  Eventually, I began to get the “blue screen of death” on and off then, nothing.  The computer decided it was done.  This whole situation caused me to not get any type of videos processed and the whole illness thing was not helping either.

Fortunately, I have a husband who is more patient than I am when it comes to computers and he was able to figure out I needed a new hard drive. I was computerless for about 72 hours but was able to disconnect for the most part.  This seemed to help me get my emotions under control and come back to a refreshed mindset and finished a couple of videos.  Unfortunately, I am still waiting for some odds and ends on the new Road Trips episode, but it should be up very soon.  Then, of course, there is the Christmas video we just uploaded.

We have so many plans for 2017 between the building of a yurt, not renewing our apartment lease, me applying for a couple of park hosting and TSPW positions, and us wanting to make some changes in the way we do things, that we are feeling a bit overwhelmed.  This, I am told, will pass and we will look back on this time only to wonder why we felt these emotions.  I look forward to that day.

So, take a few moments this holiday season and do a few things for us; do something nice for others, be safe on your travels, and remember that we are thinking and hoping the best for you during this Christmas holiday.

Merry Christmas everyone,