My how time flew since the last blog post.  Texas received so much rain that many places in Dallas, Whitney, and Houston flooded.  There were other areas hit hard with flood water, but I am unsure of all the names.  It rained 24 of the 31 days in the month of May.  For more information on the rain data click this sentence.

Scott and I were not in any danger, but we did have some local flooding from the creek behind us.  It was rather impressive and terrifying at the same time.  The power of rushing water is very dangerous and we could see that in the creek behind us.  There is a reason they say to “Turn around and don’t drown.”

Since my leaving Viking I have had a very nice rest.  However, it is down to business for me.  I have adopted a “working” time period that will enable me to create and make many hand painted needlepoint canvases, counted cross stitch designs, and embroidery commissions.  I have succeeded a couple of days this week, but Scott has been home sick the past couple of days, now I am feeling ill as well and I haven’t accomplished much.  I know, I know, I have to learn to work with him here because it will be that way in an RV.  This week was a test.

During my time off I was able to travel a little bit with a couple of friends.  A friend and I went to Huntsville, Texas, to meet a mutual friend.  We met at the Sam Houston Statue and proceeded to have a wonderful time!  We ate at Makenzie’s for BBQ and had pie at a very unique place.  Unfortunately I cannot find anything about it on the internet.  Strange.  It was a fantastic day and well worth the trip.  You should go and visit Huntsville.  It is so wonderful and I can’t wait to take Scott the next time I go.

Scott went on a trip himself while I was in Huntsville.  He went to Copper Breaks State Park for the night to enjoy the dark sky there.  He said he was able to see the Milky Way it was so dark!  I am so very, very jealous.  I was hoping to go with him again, but it is in an area that the heat is horrible this time of year and I don’t do heat well.  Later, once it cools down, I will be able to go and see the Milky Way.

So, there you go, you are up-to-date at the moment.  The next post will be from Scott about his trip to Copper Breaks.  Stay tuned…