Sitting on the cliff above Petit Jean State Park outside of Dardanelle, Arkansas, watching the birds fly below me is one of my favorite things to do. This was the place my parents came for their honeymoon 55 years ago this month so it has a special place in my heart. I could sit in this place for hours and spend days exploring what this park has to offer. Unfortunately, this trip and all of the rest of them are not everyday life for us.  I wish it were so, but at this time we do have a mundane life that happens Monday through Friday.

I often wonder if people who read our blog and watch our videos think we live in our SUV. It must seem like it because we take so many videos and photos of us in it.  Then, of course, you are only hearing about our adventures while we drive down a back road and sleep in our hammocks alongside flowing rivers. We decided you may want to know just a little bit more about what our normal day-to-day lives.

Until August 2017 we lived in Texas and for five months prior to then, we lived in a 122 square foot RV park hosting at Eisenhower State Park. Due to family issues, we decided to move back to Oklahoma and help out our parents and spend time with our children. We sold the RV and moved into a 1910 apartment building that was used at one time to house teachers of a school.  The building is old and has plenty of issues, but we love it here. If you want to know more about the apartment, check out our blog post on our website: It’s All About The View.

Scott has a job that pays the bills and provides insurance while I work daily on creating. The creating is not just here blogging and posting photos on social media, but it is working in a place called Fablab where I work with various types of machines such as vinyl cutters, laser cutters, and a wood mill.  It is here I create t-shirts and county themed trinkets. It is not much, but it will hopefully turn into something someday so we can get on the road permanently. I am working on the goal and that what’s important.

For me, the day consists of many other things other than just creating. We have been trying to become healthier and lose some weight. I, myself, have tried many diets and none have really been able to keep me focused until we started on the Ketogenic Diet. At one point we tried this diet in November of 2017, but with the holidays in full swing and us not understanding how it worked exactly, we failed at it.  However, we started it again in May 2018 and have had amazing results. Please know that we have discussed the diet with our doctors and are extremely careful to watch our numbers. Because of this extreme care, I spend a lot of time researching recipes and cooking almost every meal to make sure we are doing it correctly. If you are interested in more information about the Ketogenic Diet, please take a look at Thomas DeLauer (a doctor of nutrition) and Keto Connect (a couple of who teach about the diet and recipe creators).

When I am not cooking, I am helping my parents out and picking my grands up from school. Then, of course, there is the laundry to take to the laundromat, an apartment that always needs straightening, and taking care of the fuzzy butt Cordie.  In the evenings we are plotting our next big trip and trying to keep our website, videos, social media, and photos up-to-date. We have recently found a new medium called “Steemit” and that is helping to add to the amount of upkeep for us, but we have been lucky that people there like us.  If you are interested in looking us up on Steemit and dtube we are xcountytravelers.

As for Scott, he is busy trying to get his photography good enough that people will be interested in purchasing his photos.  We have been lucky because he was able to sell a couple of photos a few weeks ago. It seemed to be the thing he needed to see that he was good at it.  Now to figure out just where to go to sell more. When he isn’t dealing with photos, he is playing music on his guitar. He started this in about 2014 and he is better than he thinks he is.  I would love for him to get the courage up to start making music for our videos. That would just top the amazing scale for me.

See, we are just your normal, average people with our fears and busy everyday lives who enjoy hopping in the SUV as much as we can to drive down the backroads to find adventures in as many counties as we can.

Thanks so much for joining me today,