“Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession. “
Gabrielle Bernstien

The other night my husband asked me exactly where I wanted to take this blog.  I was a bit surprised by his question, but I played along and told him I wanted to get people excited about hand embroidery, especially the more traditional old world styles, causing them to want to see and understand the cultures they originated from.  He then looked at me and said, “Yeah, you haven’t accomplished that.”  I was stunned and a bit annoyed.

I began telling him why I wanted to pursue the Mountmellick work and how important it was to us as a society and individuals.  Over the next hour I explained my feelings concerning traditional hand arts from the past and what a loss it was for us as a culture to not have them in our daily lives.  He looked at me with that annoying grin he gets when he has pulled emotion from deep within me causing me to be fired up and excited, “That’s what you should be writing about.  People want to know about your passion and how it effects your life and theirs.”

It was at that very moment I knew I had done you a disservice.  I had decided to talk about the hunt for money, information, plans and all the mundane issues you knew I would be confronted with as I began my journey; however, that isn’t what you want to know, you want to know who I am, what it is I am passionate about, and why it is so important to me.  I apologize and I would like to take a moment or two and start over.

Passion, in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is defined as a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.  I have always seen this to be the driving force as to why or how people can achieve the amazing things they do.  When I say people, I have always pictured Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Albert Einstein, and others who gave of themselves to this world.  Never once had the thought occurred to me I might have something important to share with others enhancing their lives and, possibly, stirring other’s passion into action.

It was in that hour I realized I do have a strong passion for keeping the traditional hand embroideries and needleworks alive.  This passion is what drives me to learn as much as I can about Mountmellick work, Tambour, Opus Anglicanum, and hundreds of other styles of embroidery.  It is with this passion I will push myself to teach and share with others so they can learn and share as well.  This will help build relationships of generations within families and communities giving those who are older a feeling of being needed and wanted, while the younger generation grows in confidence and continues the cycle.

This is why I want to travel to Mountmellick, Ireland, and learn from the community who created the style of embroidery.  It is this that stirs my passion so I can some day sit with you and show you the art and the culture.  This is how I chose to share my passion.