On September 5th we decided to visit the Houston area for the holiday weekend.  As is usual for us we didn’t really plan this, I made the suggestion during breakfast, and Ren called a friend and asked if we could stay at her place.  She said yes and we started packing.  It was early afternoon before we got on the road, and the person we were staying with was going to be busy until that evening, so we had plenty of time to make a leisurely trip and visit a few State Parks on the way.  Heading down I-45 there were two State Parks that were almost directly on the way.  Fort Boggy and Huntsville.

Located just to the East of I-45, Fort Boggy is just about halfway between Houston and Dallas.  It was the fifteenth State Park that we visited.  As we have come to expect, Google Maps really does not have a good idea where the park is located.  For some reason, we nearly always have some issues navigating to Texas State Parks using Google Maps, and the directions link from the web pages always open as invalid links.  We tried calling them to get some better directions but no one was answering the phone.  After a few false turns and some backtracking, we finally found our way to the park.  It turns out that the park was unattended.  They don’t charge an admission fee and don’t keep the office staff all the time.


There isn’t a lot to Fort Boggy it is a small park surrounding a small but very pretty lake.  There are a few shelters, a hiking trail, and a restroom.  While it doesn’t appear that this is a CCC site, it does use the style that we associate with the CCC in its construction. The main attractions are fishing, swimming, and a very short hiking trail.  There really isn’t much else to do.

If we lived nearby I imagine we would visit it as a nice place for a picnic or a swim, and if you are traveling down I-45 this is a very pleasant place to stop and stretch your legs for a bit.  If you are not in the neighborhood, there isn’t much here that isn’t also available in lots of other State Parks.