We are finally getting the site fixed.  I do appreciate all of your patience.   Because of the holidays I have been ubber busy with my job at Viking Sewing Gallery.  Since my boss was generous and gave me Boxing Day and two more days off we were able to travel to Oklahoma and visit our families.

This was a good trip but too quick.  However, we had some great things happen.  I was able to teach my little sister-in-law Erica how to use her new sewing machine.  What a quick learner!  Made me realize just how much I love to teach the younger peoples.  They soak up everything you are willing to teach them.

I do hope to get a photo of her finished pillow soon to share with you.  We worked on it as a teaching piece.  She learned how to thread her machine, wind bobbins, know how to work the various knobs, read a pattern, and all that fun stuff.  So excited for her.

The next great thing that occured was while the husband and I decided to take the plunge and switch cell phone carriers.  We liked using Sprint but we just were not getting good coverage when we traveled to the State Parks. Between the blog discussions, Facebook conversations, Technomadia video chats, and other RVers we’ve met using Verizon we have discovered it fits our needs much better.  (I am actually writing this post on my new phone service while we travel from Oklahoma.)

Oops! Bunny trail! Anyway! We went to a local electronics store to check about switching cell phone providers and over the process I was able to meet a fantastic couple!  Burlinda and her adorable husband were getting a new phone. As I often do, I began talking with them and found they are travelers-to-be as well.  It was so nice to see that there are other adventurous souls out there and we recognize  each other!

Between teaching an eager young lady to channel her creativity and meeting this fabulously adventurous couple I have gotten set on fire again. Due to my work schedule and technical difficulties  of late, I was becoming overwhelmed.  I was finding myself asking if I should continue blogging, traveling and teaching.  I had forgotten why I do these things but I was given the gift of remembrance and now find myself doing a post in the tank, plotting my next set of classes for VSG/privately, and thinking about my next set of designs.

It seems we all go through times of frustration  and difficulties with our passions.  However, it seems we just need a bit of encouragement from the most unlikely situations.  I never thought I would get my coals of passion stirred this holiday, but I am so pleased they did.

I do hope you have had a blessed Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kawanza, New Year’s and whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year.