As you know, I have been trying to do Daily Vlogging for 30 days.  If you already seen the latest video in this vlogging series, you know I have given up a daily vlog and am planning to do a weekly vlog post instead.  If you haven’t seen the video, you can view it HERE.

Finding My Footing (6)Unfortunately I am not ready to be a Daily Vlogger because I am not able to get the daily vlog filmed, processed and uploaded and still get my other Stitchntravel duties finished for the day or any of other things I need to do.  This isn’t fair to you because I was not getting quality items up and it was not fair to myself because I was starting to stress out about the quality and content.  This was really frustrating me and causing me not to want to do the videos at all.  Therefore, I decided it was time to put that project on the side to be done on a weekly time frame giving myself more time and quality content for each video.  This was for the best and I feel good about my decision.  That is what is important.

The decision was a bit difficult to come to because I had a goal of 30 days and here it was only day 21 and I had only created 19 videos; one of which, was a “I failed” video.  Now, I do not actually see this as a total fail, but a fail to achieve my goal.  However, this is not a bad thing, I have had some good content and ideas which have helped me learn about where I see our YouTube channel and how I want our website to be.  I have also learned what it means to be a daily vloggers on YouTube such as TheDailyWooSACCONEJOLYs, and CaseyNeistat.  These people work hard at producing good content and do it in a quick, professional manner.  Yes, it is a large part of their day, but they get it done and done well.

I was able to get 18 vlog posts out and I would like to think they had some good content and pearls of wisdom to help you along your day.  I know I worked hard at thinking up what you might like to know and what I wanted to share.  Knowing how much of a goof I usually am, Scott said he was quite surprised they all usually had a good message and he could tell I put time and effort into them.  Below are week and a half’s worth of videos I did for the vlog.  I still intend to continue to do issues about downsizing, organizing, and wisdoming, but only once a week. So until next week, please enjoy the past 11 episodes of Ren’s Daily Vlog.


Clean Up The Clutter, Cutiepie was all about taking a few minutes and cleaning up the places where clutter seems to gather.  It didn’t take long to declutter the kitchen pass through.  Not having a place with much storage, we have to be creative in how and where we put things.  This pass through is just one of those places.  We keep our coffee mess and the items to take to Half Price Book Store to sell. Unfortunately we do not have a pantry closet to put our broom and mop so I had to get creative in  my storage.


Off Roading With Ren was nothing more than me being silly and completely unskilled at filming.  I decided it was time to get outside and have a bit of fun on the knee scooter.  Fortunately for me I am a rather daring person who is willing to have some wild and crazy fun!  Hey you only live once, isn’t that what YOLO is all about?  If you enjoy the wild adventurous videos, this is the one for you!  But be aware, it is not for the faint of heart so bring your guts and smelling salt.

RENVLOG-105 of My Favorite Place was a post I have wanted to do for a little while but it never seemed to have a place on our channel until I started to do the vlogging.  However, I really enjoyed doing it.  This video enabled me to go back and find nice photos of our trips and this brought on a huge “memory down the lane” period of time.  I loved it.

I know we haven’t been to many places outside of Texas, but Texas is a wonderful state that has so much to offer in the way of landscapes.  We have ancient mountains, seashores, deserts, grasslands, pineys, and so much more!  Why not take a look at the video and see where in Texas you want to go?


Happiness for a Pain Day was one of those posts that I had so much Fibromyalgia  pain that I decided to let the our photos entertain you.  I was able to use a lot of my favorite photos I have taken and hopefully you can see my unique styling.  Scott was so surprised when I started taking photos with my cellphone and that they were actually really nice photos.  One of the things I love about this video is that I was able to show you a little bit about who we are and what we love to do.  Also, you get to see our sweet little Chihuahuas, Cordie and Snickers.  What could be better than seeing sweet Chi faces?


Needing Fuzzy Therapy Today  Wow, I was having a second day of pain and it was really bad.  I guess maybe you could tell from my yelling at the camera.  I didn’t realize I was yelling, but Scott came home wondering if I thought I should redo the video so I didn’t scare any of you off.  I wasn’t going to do that, I want what I do and say in my vlog posts to be real and not sugar coated.

I did love having the Snickers there to cheer me up.  Hopefully you benefited from the cute fuzzy butt video time as well.

Finding My Footing

It’s Taco Tuesday Baby!  Tuesdays are one of my favorite days because we go out of our way to eat tacos, of course I was craving enchiladas instead, but I still had a taco!  I was so happy to drag you along with us on our errands. I felt so great after having two days of misery that I was wanting to share every second on it.

Fortunately I had decided to start a new project for myself called Selfies with Strangers.  It is where I ask strangers to take a selfie with me and then post the results.  However, I do make sure to get permission from them before I do this.

Finding My Footing (1)

I Gave Scott The Boot!  I broke my ankle/leg July 2 and over a two month period life was so slow and boring because I wasn’t able to do any traveling.  Scott was such a good sport at taking care of me and being my hands and feet.

Vlog Day 14 I went to the doctor’s to see about getting my cast off and if everything was healed up correctly.  Both of us were expecting to have me put into a boot for a month.

Finding My Footing (2)

And, Um, So…  How many times have you found yourself using words like “and, ” “um,” or “so” in between thoughts as you are talking to other people.  I have found myself saying it so much more since I started vlogging and it is a terrible habit to be doing.  I decided to make this video to show just how bad of a habit it is.  Can you figure out how?

Finding My Footing (3)

Words Can Always Hurt Me!  After Day 15’s vlog Scott and I had a long conversation about the words we use and how they affect us and those around us.  He told me something that really surprised me about a phrase I say on a regular basis and it made me think.  It is always dangerous to let me think, but this time it was a good thing.

So while running some errands, you and I have a bit of a discussion about it.  Plus I get a strange reaction to vlogging in public.

Finding My Footing (4)

Copyrights & Wrongs  While out for an ice cream sundae my whole vlog plan is derailed because I had forgotten a very important rule, “Don’t vlog in loud places.”

The conversation was wonderful and we had so much fun, but you don’t get to hear any of it because I goofed up and didn’t pay attention to my surroundings.  It is a shame to have wasted our time; but was it really a waste if I learned something?

Finding My Footing (5)

Let Sleeping Chi’s Sleep  What a nice chilled out Sunday!  I was able to love on the Chihuahuas, hear Scott work on music, and enjoy spending time with another one of my besties, Leigh.  She is definitely a ball of fire and is so much fun to hang out with.  Yes, this was a really good Sunday and I completely enjoyed it.  Hope you do as well.

Even though I am done doing a daily vlog, I intend to continue vlogging.  Look for it each week, as I am not sure which day I will be posting yet.  You will be able to find that information here or on our Facebook page.  You can also find information about the video posts on Instagram and Twitter.  If you subscribe to our YouTube channel, you won’t miss a single episode of the vlog, Outside Our Box, Texas State Parks Project – First Visits, or any other video we upload.  So check them out, like, share and subscribe!

Thanks again for all the support you gave while I tried out my daily vlogging.  It really does mean a lot to me and I so appreciate it.