Quite a few weekends ago Scott and I took the Saturday Morning and visited the Cedar Hill State Park just south of Dallas.  The park is located on the east side of the Joe Pool Lake.

We did the sign photos and then headed to the main office to sign in and pick up a patch.  Unfortunately, the patches were not available at that time.  I am planning to phone them soon and make arrangements to have one sent to me.  They were so gracious and nice about the whole thing, but it happens.  Soon…  soon.

Robert and I drove around the camping areas to look at how it was set up and see the facilities.  It was an extremely clean camp ground and the bathhouse was fantastic; you know, clean and well stocked.  I like that the community that uses the facilities respect the grounds to help maintain it.

While driving along the park road, we were seeing people running in a race of sorts.  They were all covered with different colors of something and really looked odd.  When we arrived at the day use area of the park we found the reason for this; the Northstar School was holding a 5K run to help raise money for math, science and fine arts department.

We walked over to find out more about the fun and meet some of the people attending.  As you can see in the photos, these people were really having a great time cheering each other on.  I loved the orange shirts and the alligator hats.  Everyone seemed to be having a great time.

We did a bit more looking around and found an area where we could have a music night gathering.  It was amazing.  The view was just wonderful there and of the surrounding area.  The gazebo had a picnic table and just a few feet from it was a circular area for a fire.  At the time we went there were no benches, but they were being worked on.  I am sure they will be an enhancement of the area.  We really need to get something set up for this soon while it is still nice.


One of the things I really liked about this park was the fact that they had the solar panels up along the main office area.  As you can see, these are not your average mini panels; these panels are fantastic!  Texas State Parks have many sites that are solar friendly.  Cedar Hill is among them and they produce quite a bit of power.  You can click here to go to there Sunny Portal page.

One of the extremely amazing things about this state park is not the campsites, the solar garden, the music mountain.  Instead, it is a historical area called Penn Farm Agricultural History Center.  This was the homestead of the John Wesley Penn Family for over a century.  The center is used as a reminder of those who settled in Texas.  You will find many houses, barns, and traditional farm equipment.  This is a self-guided tour and you should give yourself at least an hour to hike it; you will want more time if you are as curious as we are.  You also will want good shoes and not flip-flops or sandals due to the terrain and creatures.

Even though we only had until one o’clock that day to visit the park, we found it to be a great break from the Dallas-Fort Worth rat race.  It was close by and relaxing.  You should really give yourself a treat and visit.  I know we will be going back to camp someday.

Ren & Scott