A thought came to me one night as I lay in bed not able to sleep, “What am I going to do with my embroidery addiction?”  It kept me awake all night and it has not left my mind since.

I want to go to Ireland;  Mountmellick, Laois, Ireland, to be exact.  I know that seems pretty specific, but I do have a reason and it all ties into that night of no sleep.  Mountmellick was the location a white-on-white embroidery style was developed by Johanna Carter.  It is beautiful to look at and amazing to work, so I am told.

And so it begins, I am going to go to Mountmellick, Laois, Ireland, to learn an embroidery style.  I have no idea where or how to start this journey hence this blog.  I am going to document my thoughts, searches, questions, answers and whatever comes along the way. Won’t you join me along the way?

(additional note after this post was posted:  Scott and I were discussing the blog and I decided that this should be more than just about my preparations for Ireland.  We want this to be a blog about the passion we have for the travel, music and embroidery.)