Being an “artist” I believe it is important to support your friends and fellow artists.  In order to do this today, I bring you my friend’s bit of art DIY.  Dean Whitney is one of my best friends.  We have known each other for a very long time, meeting within the medieval recreation organization Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA for short).  Over the past ten years, she and I have enjoyed many projects together from crafts and sewing to home organization.  We have also been on plenty of adventures.  My favorite adventure was for my birthday.  She was able to take me to lunch at the famous Reunion Tower in downtown Dallas.

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Deana is a true fan of the Wheel of Time fantasy series written by Robert Jordan.  She has been working on a conference called JordanCon  (the link is in Atlanta, Georgia, and has attended the past three years of the eight it has been happening.  Not only is a WoT fan and my best friend, but Deana bakes and decorates cakes!  This is where this post comes in.  Not having a website of her own, she has requested to have her DIY project place on Stitch’n Travel.  I was so honored by her request.  So, please enjoy her amazing cake decorating talent.

A Wheel of Time Cake

The Wheel of Time is an amazing 14 book series written by Robert Jordan, who passed away in 2009 with only eleven finished books. Brandon Sanderson finished the series from notes and input from Jordan’s editor and widow, Harriet McDougal.

Known as WoT by its fans, it has inspired many artists. Sadly it seems to have inspired few bakers. A quick Google search finds a limited number of cakes inspired by the series. As a longtime fan of the books and an amateur cake decorator, I wanted to create a great WoT cake. My design uses images, symbols, and colors from the story to create a cake which is both beautiful and meaningful.

If you are a fan of the books, I hope you appreciate my choices as appropriate. If you are a fan of cake decorations, I hope you appreciate my choices as a good design.

I thank my friends Ren and Scott for letting me sidetrack their Stich and Travel blog for a journey of a different sort.
Deana Whitney

Making A Wheel of Time Cake

This cake had white and chocolate layers divided by an apple filling. I wanted to honor the central fight of the book between the Light and Dark. Apples play a role in the book, but not until book 13. I will not explain how to make a cake or how to put icing on one. There are hundreds of places you can find that information. Instead, I will focus on the fondant decorations.

Edible paper images can be bought from local bakeries that offer the service. Check with your local provider for their requirements. I was able to print all 6 icon images onto one piece of edible paper.

*Fondant Colors: blue, green, yellow, red, white, grey, brown, and black.  I used the Wilton premixed fondant, with 4 colors in the one pound box.
Decorators icing, gold color mist spray, food-safe paint brush, clear extract of any flavor
*Edible paper – I had the images printed at a local bakery that provides the service.

To create grey fondant, start with a nickel size chuck of black fondant ripped to small pieces. Add it to a 1⁄4 pound piece of white fondant. Pull it like taffy until the streaky color becomes uniform, as seen in the photo. To create a darker grey, add more black and remix.

*General: Cake board, knife, flat spatula, small scissors, and cookie cutters: rectangle, square & oval,
*Fondant tools: Mine are a fondant rolling pen, a pizza cutter, a sewing pin, and a popsicle stick>I highly recommend having a fondant cutting mat for rolling and measurements.

Great Serpent Wheel:

1. Aes Sedai Symbol:

A. Roll out a two circles of the same size in white & black.

B. Cut the white circle into half along the line. I had circle cookie cutters of the right size to mark the curve. Press down lightly tomake a faint indent in the white fondant. I used the guide of thinking of the symblo as three circles, as show in the link below.  How to Draw Yin Yang symbol:  Click here to see house to make one.

C. Place the white half on the black circle to complete. Use water, extrat or a small amount of icing to secure the items together.

 D.  Centered as desire.

step1 Collage2. Wheel spokes:

A. Roll out about 1/8 pound of brown fondant.

B. Liberally mark with cookie cutters to add a wood like texture. Don’t mark deep enough

C. Cut into strips with knife or wheel. I used a popsicle stick for a consistent width.

D. Place around the symbol as desired. In WoT, the Wheel of Ages has 7 spokes.

E. Let the ends dangle until ready to cut; to cut the fondant. Lightly roll it again if marks too deep.


3. Great Serpent:

A. Kneed half of the yellow fondant into a short roll.

B. Continue to roll the body into a long narrow tip at one end. Keep the other end a fat

C. Roll until you have the desired length. I needed a snake 21” long for the 9” cake top.


D. Add rough details to the head: eyes, a pupil, and mouth. Cut the mouth deeply in the front, but just a light score mark on each side.

E. Pinch the head into a narrower shape. This helps stretch the details to lookmore snake-like.

F. Pre-shape into a circle of the desired size.

G. Add texture to the snake with cookie cutters or texturing tools. A 1/2” square held at an angle created a good diamond pattern by overlapping the marks.

H. Once happy with the texturing, spray snake with gold color mist. I used several layers to get the best glow.


I. Once spray is dry, use a spatula to help place on top of the wheel spokes.

J. Using a knife carefully cut the excess length of wheel spokes.


Side Panels:

4. Color Panels:

A. Each package of pre-colored Wilton fondant is about 1⁄4 of a pound.

B. Roll out fondant until about 1⁄4” thick. Cut to size. My panels were around 41⁄2” x 31⁄2”.
Each side was test fitted against the cake side and trimmed as needed. When correct, attach panel to side with a little fresh icing. Or you can use a dab of water to make the icing sticky so the materials will bond.

C. Use a flat spatula to press the panel flat.

D. I overlap the sides of the each panel, except the blue, which was the last panel placed.


5) Icons:

A. Editable paper is typically sized 8”x10”, and comes on a plastic backing. Keep image on

B. Using small scissors cut the icons with a wide margin around the design.

C. For the square icons, carefully trim around the design to the desired look.

D. For the icons with extra curves, use a sharp pin to carefully scratch the editable paper the plastic until right before application. Do not get wet, until ready. along the lines you want to follow. Peel back the unwanted paper. Remove extra paper, then smooth the edges with the pin.


E. Dry fit where the icon will be placed. I used the small rectangular cookie cutter to actas a measurement guide.

F. Remove the plastic backing. With the food paint brush, apply a thin coating of clear extract to the main area of fondant to be covered.

G. With a very light touch, brush the extract onto the back of the icon. If your brush is too wet, the ink will run – like it started to do on the yellow panel.

H. Attach the edible paper to the fondant. Once placed it should not be moved, ripping is very possible. Use dry fingers or a spatula to finish tapping design in place.


A Wheel of Time Cake: final design


Great Serpent as the wheel. Flame of Tar Valon & Dragon’s Fang, ancient symbol of the Aes Sedai.

The remaining descriptions for the symbols and colors contain a few minor spoilers for the books.



Egwene as the Flame of Tar Valon. She really did have the dedication of a Blue. The Amyrlin stole begins with Blue.



Mat & Battle Ajah a good match, even if he always tried to avoid the Aes Sedai.



photofinalyellowNynaeve as the Wisdom on the Yellow. Yellows are the healers of the Aes Sedai. Nynaeve becomes the greatest healer in the series.






Rand as the Dragon on red. He is often shown in a red coat and at odds with the Red Ahja, so the pairing is meaningful in several ways.


Perrin’s Wolf looks good on the Grey. The Grey’s are the diplomats. Perrin was the best at diplomacy among the boys.


Fans will know a white band is between red & grey on the Amyrlin stole. But I only had six sides to work with. The Whites are dedicated to logic. They would approve the logic of not carving a seven sided cake, when a six sided cake pan was available.


Aviendha and the Aiel people are from the desert. The browns they wear make them masters at camouflage. The Brown Ahja is dedicated to study and history. As are the Aiel in their own way.


Thank you so much Deana!  The cake looks amazing.  I sure hope it tasted wonderful  Thank you to everyone who has read this post.  If you have enjoyed this, please let us know in the comments or on our FaceBook page.