Scott and I have been busy over the past couple of weeks working on videos, photo processing and the website.  I had every intention of getting a new post up only to find it was two week later!  When you aren’t filling your time with new adventures, the time seems to fly.  I guess I need to get this ankle healed up so we can slow time down.

I thought I would take this post and give you a basic update on what all is happening with the website, Facebook and YouTube.  We are starting to see progress and attention starting to happen with all of them, but it hasn’t grown as fast as we would like it to do.  I am not quite sure if it is because we are not doing something right or if we are living in our own little bubble, but we have seen a little movement.

The Stitchntravel website is finally how it will be for a while.  I really like the template I found and have been able to tweak it just a bit here and there to get it how I want.  It seems to be user friendly and pleasing to the eye; this is such a good thing.  There has been some very positive comments about the site and that is encouraging.  It is amazing how watching a few YouTube videos can help a person to improve their work; I have been able to use the information I have learned to make the photos and meta data (computer speak for better search ability) work for us rather than against us.  Then there is the Texas State Park Project page.  That page was a hot mess for sure, but it is starting to get better.  I still have a lot of work left to do on it, but I am getting First Visit videos linked to the corresponding parks as I get them finished.  Scott is working hard on getting sign photos processed so I can have those up as well.

We are up to 85 likes on our Facebook page and have been steady with this number for the past few months.  I have been doing research in how to make the page better, but haven’t put any of that learning into practice just yet.  I  am hoping to do a “give away” soon to help us reach 100 likes soon.  I am still working on the concept so be on the lookout for that.

The biggest achievement for me, I think, is the YouTube channel.  Since learning many of the things I was doing wrong and correcting those errors, our channel is starting to gain a little attention.  We are still in the teens subscription wise, but people are starting to watch more of our videos.  There are 37 videos as of today and we are at 1,042 views of those videos.  This was actually a milestone for me because it seemed that we would never get past the 500 mark.  We have you to thank for the over 1,000 views!  Thank you so much!

When you visit the YouTube channel, you will find plenty of variety and playlists to keep you entertained.  There are the First Visit videos for the Texas State Park Project, the Outside Our Box playlist, and Ren’s Daily Vlog.  We are still learning how to put the videos together so they aren’t amazing, but I would like to think we are getting better with consistency, the visual aspect, and such.  Starting out I didn’t think there was going to be such a major learning curve, but I have gained a new, healthy appreciation and respect for those who have been making good quality videos.  I know we have improved in our processing and work on videos because you can see the difference.

Our very first video:

It was awful!  There was no structure; we just uploaded it and hoped for the best.  However, our latest video from the Outside Our Box series is rather nice, I think:


So, when you have a few minutes, stop by our YouTube channel and look at our latest videos.  Please give them a thumbs up, if you liked it; share it with your friends and help us get out there, and then subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss a video.  We love sharing our travel hobby with all of you and hope you are enjoying it as much.