You might not realize it but Stitchntravel is actually the project of two people, Ren who you have already heard from, and Scott. That’s me.


My primary interests are history, science, woodworking and music. For the last couple of years I have been teaching myself to play the guitar and getting involved in the traditional music scene in Dallas and Fort Worth, and of course the Texas States Parks Project.

If you read this blog then you know that Ren and I have set ourselves a goal to visit all of the State and National Parks in Texas over the next couple of years.

In the last two months we have taken a short break on that project in order to make some progress toward a longer term goal. We want to move into an RV and travel the country.

As a first step we have sold, given away, or thrown away most of our stuff, and moved from a large house into a much smaller apartment. This has been a time consuming, and for me at least, an emotional experience. I can become very attached to my possessions, and it is sometimes hard to let go. I am amazed at how much unnecessary stuff I have accumulated over a lifetime, and how much of it I have moved from house to house without ever really using. While it was hard letting go of things that once held meaning for me, (the books were the hardest), it is also very freeing. It also made moving considerably easier.

As we are settling into the new apartment, and finding places for everything, it is becoming clear that we have not yet gotten rid of enough stuff. We will be spending the next few weeks paring our possessions down to the minimum amount of stuff we actually need and use.

In addition to getting rid of unnecessary stuff we are also breaking away from old habits and developing new ones that will be more suitable to the life we want to be living in a few years. We got rid of cable TV a few years ago, and substituted with online entertainment, which in many ways consumed far more of our time. We could always turn on the TV and find something we really wanted to watch, and all too frequently we did. Once we move into an RV we will have to rely on our cellular plan and public WiFi for our internet access, so we made the decision to make that transition now. We use Verizon for our internet access because they have the best coverage area and network speeds. They do not however have unlimited data plans. We no longer have the “luxury” of binge watching entire series on Amazon or surfing YouTube all night. We’ve also had to cut back on the amount of time we spend on social media. This has given us more time to focus on other things we want to do, as well as letting us focus on them with fewer distractions. We both feel like we are getting more done.

I firmly believe that both of these changes are for the better, and will help us toward our long term goals. Neither of these changes has been easy, and neither is complete yet. We will be spending the next few weeks clearing out more stuff and figuring out just how much we can live without.

I hope that by the end of April we can get back to discovering the natural and historical treasures that Texas has to offer, and sharing those discoveries with our readers.  Which I imagine will be more interesting for most of you than the personal posts we have been doing these last few weeks.