Ren and I took a walk along the beach a few days ago. Just taking advantage of the nice weather and the fact that we live on the lake. I did not take my camera. We were just going for a walk, but as a photographer, my eye is always looking for an interesting scene and my phone takes excellent photos. Not every photo needs to be planned out and shot from every angle. Sometimes it’s nice to just play around. So here are just a few of the things that caught my eye as we went for a walk on the beach.

These were all shot with my Samsung Note 8, and are the unedited jpegs. 


The trick to getting bokeh with a phone is to get in close to your subject. My phone will focus on an object closer to the lens than I can with my camera unless I’m using a macro lens.


The shore here is mostly rocky with sandstone, but suddenly it feels like a beach on the west coast.


Because of the high levels of the lake earlier in the year, there are many trees on the shore.

I do like working with the phone sometimes, I approach a scene differently and will sometimes get a shot I wouldn’t have taken with the camera. Sometimes I will even reach for the phone even when I have my camera with me.


As much we hate litter, sometimes it has some amazing surprises for usI like the contrast in textures and colors with this.


For me this one is all about the textures.


Are any of these going to be award-winning photographs or end up hanging on my wall? Probably not, but I did have fun and ended up trying some things I might not have tried otherwise. Sometimes it’s interesting to look at a scene without preconceptions and see what you can make out of it.