One of my favorite places in Texas is Glen Rose. This small, quiet county seat of Sommerville County was once a place where people traveled miles to see dinosaur footprints in the Paluxy River. People were, as they are today, dinosaur crazy; especially here. Within the Paluxy River, the last untamed river in North Texas, Sauropod and Theropod tracks are found throughout. Geologically, this area and layer of rock are known as the Glen Rose Formation; named after this sweet little town.
One of the things about Glen Rose is that almost all of the old buildings are built with petrified wood and various dinosaur tracks. They would haul the rocks and petrified wood into town and the masons would build buildings, fountains, and fences out of it. This was all the rage and it is rare at this point to find any stray petrified wood upon the ground near there. A great example of the building is found just on hold highway 67.

In the 1920’s this was a gas station. Amazing, right, but it was. The owner’s name was Ed Young and he was definitely a man of means. This was an area where traffic was high and he knew people would need to purchase gas before they headed east towards Cleburne. Looking at the structure, you can see the brick trimming out the building giving the petrified wood and quartz the perfect opportunity to shine.

However, the more interesting thing to this building is not the petrified wood, but it is Ed Young. He had decided, since it was the prohibition era and Glen Rose was known as the moonshine capital of Texas, he would take a chance and provide more than just gas to passing travelers. It has been said he sold more moonshine than gas during that time period and at one point Bonnie and Clyde were his best customers. However, that last bit is just hearsay and has yet to be proven; but what a story it tells about Mr. Ed Young.

When you go to visit the work of art that is known as the Old Stone Gas Station on Old Texas Highway 67, take a bit of time and visit the town of Glen Rose, Texas. Here you will find a beautiful town square complete with county courthouse (yes, built with petrified wood as well), a bandstand, fountain, and artwork. The little shops are quaint and the historical park running alongside the Paluxy River is a nice place to cool off in the summer heat. It is such a beautiful little town and I am sure you would love it.

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